GC Curriculum Proposals

Course Changes

  • Course Change Form Worksheet (revised) – Use this document to guide the collection of all the information needed to complete the online Course Change Form. The department chair or program coordinator should provide the information on the worksheet that is relevant to the proposal and send it to the college/school Graduate Council representative.
  • Potential required attachments for the online Course Change Form – The addendum and roster should be completed by the department chair or program coordinator. Consult the worksheet to determine which attachments you will need to complete.
    • Course Change Addendum
    • Faculty Roster for Proposed New Course
    • Syllabi for all new courses (combine into a single document)
    • Revised syllabi for any courses with a proposed change in credit hours. For a reduction in credit hours, the revised syllabus should show a decrease in the amount of information covered and, perhaps, in the number of course outcomes and/or the number of assignments. For an increase in credit hours, revised syllabus should show an increase in information covered, course outcomes, and/or number of assignments. Combine multiple syllabi into a single document.
  • Online Course Change Form for Graduate Council – This form should only be completed and submitted by the Graduate Council representative from the college/school proposing the course change.

Program Changes