Fellowships and Scholarships

The Office of Fellowships and Scholarships assists students applying for nationally and internationally competitive merit scholarship programs that support undergraduate or graduate study, research, or work experiences, here or abroad. Fellowships support students in their efforts to do great work in the world and open doors to mentoring, graduate schools, and careers. You can see a list of available fellowship and scholarship opportunities here.

Mercer University encourages students to apply for national fellowships and scholarships, and dozens of Mercer students earn awards each year. The Office of National Fellowships and Scholarships offers individual advising sessions and assists with applications, personal statements, and recommendations. We assist students with a number of awards, including the Goldwater, Marshall, Truman, Gates Cambridge, Udall, NSF, Boren, Gilman, and Rhodes Scholarships. We seek to inform students as early as their freshmen and sophomore years about specific opportunities and to design plans for development. We also collaborate with campus faculty and staff to identify potential student scholars, and provide information and recognition to students through workshops and events. The Office of Fellowships and Scholarships is located in the Honors House, the yellow house with a green roof, on Ash Street. For updates on workshops and funding opportunities, like us on Facebook.

Contact Information

David A. Davis
Director of Fellowships and Scholarships
(478) 301-2358

Cameron Kunzelman
Coordinator of Fellowships and Scholarships
(478) 301-4051

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