Student Handbooks

The Mercer University Student Handbook applies to all students, regardless of academic program of study or geographic location (including distance learning students) and is available as a PDF for printing.The online version supersedes any printed version. Some individual colleges, programs, and campuses summarize this information and/or provide additional content and policies that apply solely to their particular students in the form of Supplemental Handbooks. These Supplemental Handbooks are listed below. Please note that the Mercer University Student Handbook supersedes information found in Supplemental Handbooks.

Mercer University Student Handbook

Supplemental Handbooks:

Please direct questions regarding any supplemental handbooks to the Academic Dean’s office of the appropriate college, school, or program in which you are enrolled. For questions regarding the Mercer University Student Handbook, please call the Dean of Students’ Office on either the Macon Campus at (478) 301-2685 or the Atlanta Campus at (678) 547-6823.

To obtain a copy of any handbook in an alternative format, please contact the Office of Access and Accommodations at (478) 301-2778.