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The Honor System, based on the Honor Code, is established, interpreted, and administered by the student body. The aim of the Honor System is to promote complete freedom within the academic community—a freedom that is based on a trust between students and faculty. The Honor Council, in its role as the judiciary body for the Honor System, supports that freedom and guards that trust.

At Mercer University, each student enrolling in a class offered by an undergraduate school or college on the Macon Campus subscribes to the Honor System, whether during the regular academic year, the summer semester, or evening classes. The faculty subscribes to and fully supports the Honor System. The Honor System places responsibility for honesty where it belongs: the individual student or faculty member. The individual is responsible for reporting any academic dishonesty he or she may see as well as being responsible for his or her own honesty. By placing the responsibility on the individual, each student and faculty member becomes the guardian of the Honor System.

The Mercer University Honor Code:

"I pledge to hold myself to the highest standards of academic integrity while at Mercer University.  I further pledge that I will hold my peers to these standards by reporting any violations I observe and that I will foster a spirit of honesty in the University's academic environment."

2021 Undergraduate Honor Council Justice Application

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Frequently asked questions:

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