Honor Council: Macon Traditional Undergraduate Programs

The Honor Council serves Macon traditional undergraduate (day) programs in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Business, School of Engineering, College of Education, School of Music, and College of Health Professions.

New in the 2023-24 Bylaws:

  • Academic Integrity and the Honor System  Syllabus Statement
    Academic integrity at Mercer University is preserved and promoted through the Honor System. The Honor System demands of each student the responsibility for honesty and assumes the responsibility that each student will report any violations of the Honor Code. Each student is personally responsible for knowing the rights and obligations as set forth in the Honor System and expected to cooperate completely and participate fully in the Honor System. Procedures are outlined in the specific handbooks and available on the Provost’s website at https://provost.mercer.edu/office-of-the-provost/honor-system/.
    [Instructors may choose to add information about their specific course assignments and activities.]
  • Cheating includes using artificial intelligence (AI) tools without authorization by the faculty.
  • Fabrication includes attributions, quotations, citations, or other academic references to sources that do not exist. Examples include but are not limited to non-existent sources cited or generated by AI tools.
  • Students and faculty members must report alleged violations of the Honor Code within thirty (30) days of discovering the possible violation by completing and submitting the Academic Dishonesty Report in MyMercer under Academics. The Honor Council may not respond to a possible Honor Code violation reported more than 30 days after the occurrence of the event.
  • If a hearing is delayed until the following semester, the accused student will receive the grade of Incomplete (IC) while the case is pending.
  • A student may receive a reduced assignment grade as a sanction. (piloting in 2023-24)
A group of students outside on the quad
2023-24 Honor Council